How to write a proposal for a research paper - looking for sample

Writing a research paper is a common activity in college and particularly with the social sciences. But before you get down to the actual writing of the research paper you need to write and present a proposal. Why do you need to do this and what is involved? If you're looking for examples of excellent research paper proposals, there are many such examples online. They are usually free and by studying these proposals, how they were constructed and the comments from the relevant teacher or professor, you can learn a great deal about the proposal you are to create.

You create a research paper proposal solely to demonstrate that an idea you have can be explored in great detail in a research paper. In many ways it is a pitch to your professor or teacher to convince them that you have done sufficient research to support the argument you wish to discuss in your research paper. So in short, how well you create your proposal will determine whether or not you will be permitted to go ahead and create your research paper. Don't skimp on the proposal.

What does the proposal contain?

You will have a basic idea which will be expressed in your thesis statement that your proposal will also contain all of the major points you intend to raise in support of your thesis statement. Each of these main points will reinforce the case that you have the ability and the information to produce a quality research paper.

Less is more when it comes to your research paper proposal. Keep it succinct.

You must set out clearly in your proposal the following pieces of information.

  • What is your goal in writing the research paper?
  • Why are you tackling this particular topic?
  • What methodology will you be using?

All of these points will be assessed by your teacher or professor once you present your proposal. The more certain you are of the answers to these above points, the greater your chances of having your proposal accepted and being given the green light to commence the writing of your research paper.

The beauty of the online community is that there are numerous examples of research paper proposals freely displayed online. Many sites contain tips on creating the best proposals as well. When you consider that the examples and the advice is often free, the benefits are first class.