Where To Look For A Research Paper Outline With An Abstract: 6 Places To Check

An abstract is supposed to be a basic summary of an entire research paper. Normally, an abstract is used by researchers to figure out at a glance if a specific document will actually help their research. Although students may never list their research in an academic database, they must still practice creating an abstract. This section of the document is extremely important, so students should make sure that any outline that they find includes a sample of an abstract. To get a sample outline and an abstract, students should look at one of the following six locations.

  1. Go for the Writer's Manual
  2. Any good book about writing or writer's manual will include samples of an outline. This type of book can normally be found in the library or at a bookstore.

  3. Visit the Writing Center
  4. Most college campuses will have a writing center located on-site. Within the writing center, students will be able to find an impressive array of books about writing. Tutors are available at the writing center for editing and proofreading information. When it comes to quality and cost, the campus writing center is one of the best places to go.

  5. Essay Writing Websites
  6. There are several different websites that cater exclusively to the topic of writing. On any of these sites, students will be able to find examples of different types of writing. Some of the sites will carry templates and outlines for free. Before using a specific site, students should make sure that they know the actual cost of the service. As a rule, any website that requires payment information is probably going to charge for any services.

  7. Ask the Teacher
  8. A professor is there to help the student figure out the best techniques for writing. If the student has time, they should visit their professor during office hours to get some extra help. Many professors will also answer easy questions between classes, so students can always dash up and ask for help with finding an outline.

  9. Academic Websites
  10. Some of the top universities in the country will regularly post writing help and ideas online. Students can find these websites by looking for some of the nation's best English programs. Normally, the best -rated English programs are the ones that are the most likely to post helpful ideas online.

  11. Visit the Library
  12. When everything else fails, students can always go to the library. One of the helpful librarians can help the student find an outline, locate some research materials and get started on their document.