How to create a research paper on cyber bullying


Cyber bullying is the use of various forms of information technology to harass other people for selfish reasons. There are many other ways of defining this term that are limited to specific countries or localities although a common thing about all these definitions is that it uses technology. Because of the way different people understand this concept differently, a writer may decide to conduct research to find out what causes this difference in understanding between people of different countries. This may help enlighten other people who do not know much about this subject although they have undergone the harassment in one way or another.

Creating a research paper on cyber bullying

Once you have decided that you want to look at this matter in depth, you can always conduct research and come up with a publication that explains to different audiences the real picture of this phenomenon. The following therefore are some of the things that can be done during the creation of a research paper on cyber bullying:

  1. Conduct a research. This may be through reading books, asking related sources, looking at related cases that have happened in the future and the way they were handled among other things.
  2. During the research, take notes and record any useful information that will help you during the compiling of your report. You may also document some case studies that you come across during your research as they will help in the putting together of your ideas.
  3. You may also write down some questions to guide you for instance, what the concept is, what causes it, for how long has it been happening, how is such a situation handled by the people involved and so on.
  4. You may then write the paper after you are done with researching taking note of the basic elements of a research paper and the language that is used in the writing.

Relevance of research papers

Research papers are therefore very important ways of presenting useful information in a more detailed form. Among other importance of these forms of academic writing include the following:

  • They can be used as a basis for evaluation by employers of a certain organization
  • They can be used to explain a concept for instance that of the cyber bullying
  • They can be used to understand a phenomenon in a better way
  • They sometimes provide a permanent record of events
  • They help in problem solving as research enlightens the public on a number of things considering how for it can go


So basically a research on cyber bullying can be enlightening considering the fact that it is one of the current issues all over the world.