Some helpful science research paper ideas

Science may not be everyone's favorite subject, so when a giant research paper comes up, there's bound to be panic.  What should I write about? What is my teacher looking for? How can I get the grade that I need and want? What if I can't find enough research for my topic? All of these are legitimate concerns for the average student.  There's one thing that people don't realize about science; it is filled with facts, yes, but it's also very theoretical. When it comes to choosing a research paper topic, there are many proven theories, as well as many controversial topics that could give you a solid research paper.

There are ten different types of sciences:

  • Astronomy
  • Biology
  • Botany
  • Chemistry
  • Entomology
  • Geology
  • Microbiology
  • Paleontology
  • Pathology
  • Zoology

Between these ten sciences, there are plenty of topics that can be researched and used to create a proper research paper.

Science and Ethics

A good topic group for a science research paper is ethical issues, though they can be extremely controversial to write about. A topic like the ethics of euthanasia can be extremely controversial to write about, however it can prove that you're a critical thinker when it comes to moral and complex issues. Or even research topics of experimentation on aborted fetuses or animals could be all taken into consideration as solid research papers. Make sure to provide both sides of any arguments in your research if this is the type of topic that you’ve decided on. You’ll want to show that this is a scientific research paper and not a single-sided debate.

Environmental Sciences

Environmental issues are another great, albeit common, research paper topic. Global warming is a hot ticket idea, and so is air or water pollution, or even endangered animals or plants in the rain forest  are all amazing research ideas that won't leave you with dead ends where you won't have anything to write about.

Earth science and weather related science have many different resources to be used to bulk up your research essay. You could look into flooding and examples of floods that could have possibly been avoided, or what flood-risk type areas can do in order to avoid their risk.

Science and Diets

Research on fad diets or if high-protein diets actually are healthy for you, or if doctors over-prescribe antibiotics or stronger drugs are all good health and nutritional science topics.

There are many different kinds of scientific research papers that you can write. The possibilities are almost endless.