Top 10 history paper topics of all time

There are so many history paper topics you can write about, you could probably write a book about it. Over the years, students of all academic grade levels have been assigned to write a history paper. While many may not enjoy the aspect of doing extensive research and writing on a topic, you have to admit there are some interesting and intriguing things that have been learned about how governments have been developed, how people live all around the world, and how laws have been established and their purposes. The following are general ideas of which areas in history students have written about.

  1. The United States and the development of the Bill of Rights.
  2. The assassination of Abraham Lincoln.
  3. Leaders from around the world who are female.
  4. What happened during the Great Depression.
  5. 9/11 (September 11th) attacks (who was involved, why it happened, etc.).
  6. The Spanish American War.
  7. The rise of feminism (either on a global scale or in a particular country).
  8. The fall of the Roman Empire.
  9. Leonardo Da Vinci and his life centered on art.
  10. World War I and/or World War II.

Other Areas in History that are Commonly Researched

There are other areas in history that are commonly researched in relation to the above topics mentioned. How slavery evolved, the assassination of other leaders such as Mahatma Gandhi, John F. Kennedy, or Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Other areas of history with interest include great African tribes, the rise of the Taliban, civilization of ancient Egypt. Current events may also be something of interest for students to write about depending on the time in history.

Tips on Choosing a Good Topic

Many of these topics are broad and general, so you may have to conduct further research to pinpoint an area of interest. Depending on how long your paper needs to be, you should select a topic that will provide you with enough details to support your main idea or message. Select something you have a true interest in to help you research and write the topic better. Or, it can be something you want to learn more about to please your inner curiosity. It may also be helpful to keep in mind the era of history you want to write about.