Writing a persuasive speech: defining your audience

Every person has an extensive amount of experience in how to be persuasive. It begins when we are young and have to convince our parents to allow us to do something or go somewhere. Those who are good at this, move on to join speaking clubs and teams and set out to create persuasive speeches that are designed to make an entire audience listen to your point of view and decide to believe what you are saying and to think in the same manner that you do. When you are creating a persuasive speech there are some things that you should keep in mind as you make your notes.

The simple process

The first accomplishment that you need to have in order to write a good persuasive speech is a strong point of view on a topic. Think about what issue that you are going to talk about and what side of the issue you are going to advocate for. Each issue has two sides and in order to be a good persuasive speech you have to choose one of them. Of course, your opinion has to be tempered by the audience of your speech. If your audience is a group of young people then it will be easier to convince them of the validity of your argument by choosing something they can relate to. It is much like creating a performance that will appeal to the audience that you are talking to.

Pro or Con

Now understanding your audience may make a speech writer to want to really try to convince them to change their mind and think the way that you do. This can be done by putting a persuasive argument in place. This can work as a systematic enticement to follow all of what you say and to start to see the logic in your thought process. Convincing people who agree with you is easy, but to be so persuasive that people who are against you, change sides is really persuasive. This is going to be done by doing a good job in researching your topic and being an expert on it. Most people do not have deep factual contexts to support their feelings and in most cases they are operating on basic emotions. When you provide facts to support your perspective then most people will at least in part become more sympathetic to your ideas.