Research Paper on Nursing: What to Mention

Conducting research for your nursing paper is important, but understanding what to mention will depend on your topic, guidelines for the paper, and what you want the reading audience to know. When you collect your data you should mention the sources in which it came from. Then, there are aspects of facts and statistics related to your main point or idea for why the research is conducted. While following instructions given for your assignment, the following points may be elements commonly mentioned in nursing research papers.

The Main Point or Thesis

This is the main idea or argument you work to support or back up with your research findings. A strong statement is important since it helps you collect necessary data for a quality paper. It should be concise, clear and easy to identify within the introduction. It should be something you can research without experiencing too many problems. It should be a topic you can write about and present sufficient information.

Methods Related to Research

Many assignments often require a practicing or developing nursing student to detail how they reached their findings. This may include numbers or statistics mentioned, surveys completed, or interviews to get the information they needed for the paper. This aspect is important since it works to build credibility of the content and the writer. The information should be solid without presenting strong opinions.

Formatting Style through Bibliography

In many cases you may be instructed to use the APA format. This includes detailed information about the sources used during research. This may include name of author, publication title or article content used, publishing company, publication date and page number or volume number if an encyclopedia is used. Again, this is where your guidelines come into play since each school has variations of student expectations.

Other Details to Consider

Get clarification for your instructions if you don’t understand something. Your guidelines may state additional information for your paper to include. If you leave out this information you could lose points on your paper. You may find it useful to review sample research papers on your topic to get an idea of areas you want to be sure to cover during your research and writing process. You can get help formatting your paper when necessary from your instructor, colleague or professional writing service that has experienced formatting nursing assignments.