A List of Topics to Write a Research Paper On

A research paper assignment requires a student to conduct fresh research on an original topic that contributes, in some way, to a given field or discussion. There are endless topics to choose from, but sometimes it’s a little hard to come up with one that is both interesting and doesn’t make the assignment overly difficult or even impossible to complete within the given time. Here are seven research paper topics you can consider to use on your own or use to inspire some new ideas:

  • Professional athletes as role-models. Should we reconsider how we view athletes in light of recent but tremendous cases of domestic violence, physical child abuse, and drug abuse? Is it our responsibility to re-educate children to understand what to make of role-models who break the law?
  • Sports head injuries and commitment to play. Recent evidence shows that sports head injuries (concussions) are a lot more prevalent than previously believed and efforts are being made to protect players’ safety. However, many players hold on to a tradition and belief that they are willing to play through injuries and will lie about their symptoms. Should they be penalized by suspension or a fine for putting their lives at risk?
  • Reality shows and influence on youth. Reality shows have dominated television for about two decades now, yet are far from any reasonable reality that most people know. Why the loyalty towards this type of programming and is it having a negative effect on youth who may believe the lives on TV are true and present real societal situations?
  • Music in schools and arts curriculum. Music programs are being cut or have lost tremendous funding in the last decade throughout the U.S. Is this a sign of the perception that music does not apply to real-world skills for success in business and technology or are there other components at work?
  • Sports gambling and local economies. For many years, it’s been believed that legalized sports gambling will be a boon to many local economies. What kinds of positives and negatives can communities expect to see with legalized sports gambling?
  • Internet and common core learning. The internet has made learning far more interactive and in many ways easier. How should common core learning methods change to take the greatest advantage of the technology?
  • Physical libraries and declining number of visitors. Fewer students are regularly going to the library either for education or for pleasure. What does this say about where education is heading in general? Will physical libraries be largely extinct in smaller communities in the next decade or so?