List Of Exciting Research Paper Topics On Victorian Era

A major assignment that you will have to do in school is write a research paper. You will be required to choose a topic that relates to the class or a specific topic or sub topic. Then you will conduct research to develop a research question, which will be what you want to learn about the main topic. From this point, you will find and read anything that you can about the topic to get an answer to your research question. That is going to be your thesis statement and it will be the focus of your paper.

The idea is to decide on an exciting topic to write about because if you can do that, you will likely have a lot more fun learning about it and eventually write a more productive and solid paper. When you are interested in something, you tend to be a little more invested in it. If this is the case, you can choose an interesting topic from the list below.

  1. Diamond Jubilee celebrations
  2. Queen Victoria’s contributions
  3. Mark Twain
  4. Victorian fashion
  5. Victorian culture
  6. Entertainment during the era
  7. Poverty and child labor
  8. Jack the Ripper
  9. Magdalene Asylums
  10. Treaty of Balta Liman
  11. Treaty of Waitangi
  12. Repeal of the Corn Laws
  13. The Great Exhibition
  14. Crimean War
  15. The Constitution Act of 1867

Once you have chosen the topic, the next step will be to start researching it so that you can come up with a focus to discuss. For example, you can choose something exciting like Jack the Ripper and then decide what about him you want to tell your audience about. This is going to be your focus and then you will work to prove it.

It is a good idea to create an outline first so that you can organize your ideas and decide on what evidence you will use to support your thesis statement. You can choose whether to present your most important piece of evidence first or to work your way up to it. It is also a great way to add transitions that help create the bridges between topics. Once you have all of this completed, it makes the rest of the process so much easier to do. You can just add information and your draft will be complete.