Fresh Term Paper Topics: The Ultimate Collection for College Students

So it's term paper time and the only thing your mind is capable of drawing is a blank. What do you do? Where do you get inspiration? How do you think of a topic? And herein lies the problem. The hard part of writing a term paper is thinking of a topic. Occasionally, you will come across a professor who is helpful enough to give you several topics to choose from, but usually you are on your own.

The first piece of advice that any writer will freely hand out is that you should write about what you know. Or something that you have at least some knowledge of. Intimately understanding your subject makes your writing seem more real, more focused. You can inject snippets into the paper that relate to real life and makes it seem interesting. To give you a little bit of help, I have compiled a list of 25 term paper topics that are easy to research, are truly interesting, and if done properly, can get you that elusive "A".

  1. 269--The Vegan Life Movement
  2. LGBT and the Gay Rights Movement
  3. September 11, 2001
  4. Bioterrorism
  5. Genetic Screening
  6. Identity Theft
  7. Wicca
  8. Freedom of Religion in Schools
  9. The Meaning of Dreams
  10. Criminal Psychology
  11. Genocide
  12. Affirmative Action
  13. Reality Television
  14. Censorship
  15. GMO Foods
  16. Organic Foods
  17. Family Values and the Correlation with Criminal Behaviour
  18. Recycling-- What Happens Next
  19. Homeschooling
  20. Intelligence Tests-- Do They Really Measure Intelligence?
  21. Animal Rights
  22. Criminal Insanity Defences
  23. Police Brutality
  24. Cyber-Security
  25. Starting an E-Business

Of course, these are simply suggestions and the type of term paper that you are writing will depend on what type of class it is for. No matter how well written it is, a term paper on organic foods will likely not be well received in a business class. If none of these topics even remotely appeals to you, there are always several old standbys that will work out quite well. Roe vs. Wade, assisted suicide, abortion, or any type of addiction are always popular topics.

Keep in mind, however, that one of the things your professor will be looking for is a fresh outlook...a well thought out piece that shows personality, and obviously has some effort put into it. Even the most mundane topic in the world can be turned into something new and interesting with your own set of opinions and observations.