Looking For A Term Paper On Technology Available Online For Free

Before you rush ahead and just lift any old term paper from the internet and submit it as your own, you need to be aware of the laws and sensitivities around plagiarism. The rights and wrongs of taking someone else’s work and claiming it as your own are irrelevant right now. The only thing you need to be aware of is the potential consequences of your actions.

Handing in a plagiarized document could result in you being kicked off your course; ruining any chance of that glittering career in technology that you had your sights set on. Worse, depending upon where you live in the world, it could get you into trouble with the authorities.

So, how can you source one online for free and not get into trouble? It is a gray area, but you can try the following:

Google Scholar

Download one from a site like Google Scholar which has an entire archive of every kind of paper imaginable and then alter it before running it through a plagiarism checker. At least this way you can use the skeleton or bones of the original work while fleshing it out and making it your own. This is less risky than simply handing in an identical version.

Search “Free term papers.”

If you type “Free term papers” into any of the major search engines, you will pull up a whole bunch of results. The only problem with this is that you cannot guarantee the quality of the material and whichever way you look at it you still cannot escape the issue of plagiarism.

College website

Unfortunately, you won’t be able to pass this off as your own this way, you will be able to access those that have been written by former students at your college/university. This is a great way of getting an idea of the benchmark that you will need to hit, and you can use these documents as a springboard to come up with your own original ideas. You can also broaden your horizons by checking out sites of academic establishments in your own area, as well as those further afield.

It is very unlikely that you will be able to secure the services of a company to write something of this nature free of charge. So, unless you are prepared to pay for the privilege, then I would suggest that you try one of the above. Good luck!