What Should I Remember To Write My Research Paper Successfully?

If you're writing a research paper for school, there are few top key things that you should keep in mind. As your grade is important to you, you want to work to ensure that you include some of these key factors, that way you're working to ensure that you have a well-rounded piece of work that you're turning in and your professor or teacher will be pleased.


  • For starters, you want to ensure that you focus on the specifics that your professor or teacher have requested. For example, if they asked for your margins to be set a certain way, or if they've asked for a certain number of references and they've asked for you to tie in a relevant piece of information or newsworthy material, be sure to include all of these.
  • Next, you want to make sure that you're focusing on research and materials that are relevant and not offering too much opinion. Sometimes we don’t realize it, but we make the mistake of saying “I think,” or “I feel like,” or “I once heard,” when the paper should be about facts and relevance to the materials and the text.
  • Also, make sure that you stay focused. Sometimes when we write, we may drift or we work on areas that are not relevant to the specific topic. Just because you come up with a great idea doesn't mean it should be used in the paper.
  • Always try to get at least two or three good references that you can find online, as well as a few from the text. The professor will want to know that you understand the material, and the way to do this is to tie in material from the book so that they know that you understand what the class and the course work were about.
  • You also want to ensure that you use real examples. Let's say for example you're doing a paper on the stock market. You should look for an article that's in the news and something that’s recent like whether or not Fed Chair Janet Yellen thinks the Fed rate will go up by June.

Because you're able to show your professor or teacher that not only are you looking at the text, but you are showing how it relates to the real world, then you're trying to send the message to your professor or teacher that you've done your research. By using these pointers and tips, you are on your way to getting a good grade!