How to Write APA Research Papers: 10 Things to Know About

When you are in college, APA research papers will be a regular requirement. What do you need to know about it? The APA format is a popular one for research papers. It contains the following sections:

  1. Title page. The framework and physical layout of the title page varies from other formats. You should refer to the APA style guide, which can be found on the APA website, for more information on the exact spacing, indentations, headings, and numbering used on the title page.
  2. Abstract. The abstract is meant as a stand-alone summary of your work.
  3. Introduction. Much the same as other papers or other formats, you will need a standard introduction paragraph starting on a separate page following the abstract of your paper.
  4. Methods. The methods section is meant to disclose exactly how your paper was undertaken so that anyone reading your paper can recreate your research exactly.
  5. Results. The results section explains the results of your research.
  6. Discussion. The discussion speaks about any areas that may have been biased in your work, any areas where you can improve next time, and how your findings relate to the bigger picture.
  7. References. There is a specific framework required for the reference page, and the in-text citations. It is different from other styles or formats you may have used in the past so you need to make sure you adhere to the APA style guide to find information on your specific source. The style for citing your source varies based on the type of source it is and how many authors there were.
  8. Appendix. The appendix is where you including any supporting pieces.
  9. Specifics you need to know including the following characteristics:
    • APA requires a running head
    • You need to have page numbers starting on the title page
    • You need to have citations in your text and in your reference page at the end.
    • You need to use Times New Roman or Arial font
    • You need to have double spacing
    • You need to indent your paragraph
    • You need to use appropriate and specific headings and subheadings
  10. How APA differs is mainly in the text. The style of APA text is neutral in its language. It uses very formal and academic writing which often uses the passive voice rather than the active voice.

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