Writing A Brilliant Research Paper Summary Paragraph: Basic Manual

It is important for you to concentrate on writing the conclusion of your research paper because it is one of the most significant things about your paper. A good conclusion sets the final milestone in your project and leaves a good impression on the reader, teacher, or the examiner. The purpose of this paragraph is no different from any other conclusion and it mainly aims on summarizing your entire work. Remember that even though your conclusion needs to be precise and relevant, it must not be too boring or dry. You need to add some spark in your paper and show that you were passionate about your paper and ideas and how you have succeeded in conveying them to your audience. A good conclusion is important because it will leave a great final thought on the reader’s mind for your paper and efforts. If on the other hand, you fail to write a winning conclusion then your entire paper would be worthless even if you put a lot of effort in composing it

The conclusion of your research paper needs to restate the topic and include the title of your work in a sentence. You should not go about the details of this topic or the background because that is already a part of the introduction. At this point, you need to include the topic in one sentence to remind the readers where you started. Apart from the topic, you also need to restate the thesis statement of your research paper. This again was already a part of the introduction so you do not have to explain it or go into any further details. You need to summarize what you have discussed in your paper in order to prove your thesis statement and how you did that. You should be able to throw a light on the results you received from the experimentation and research in your paper and the way you can interpret them to prove your ideas.

It is very critical for your conclusion to include every major point in the body of your paper and restate whatever was necessary. Students make one major mistake in writing the conclusion is that they talk about new ideas as well. At this stage, you do not have to write anything, which was not the part of the rest of your paper.