Research Paper Writing Services Have Huge Writing Staffs

If you have ever hired a professional essay writer before, you probably were only in contact with one or two individuals. One might have been a general company representative, who established your account and located your essay writer. The other employee was probably the freelance writer who composed your essay and sent it to you.

This may have given you the impression that writing companies are small operations with small staffs. This simply isn’t the case, though. In fact, most custom writing companies have massive staff rolls. Here are some of the employee types necessary for such businesses.

Sales Representatives

One major wing of the custom essay writing industry is the sales side. These employees are responsible for locating new customers and pairing them with appropriate writers. These individuals usually have extensive customer service experience and a background in sales. They may or may not have previous experience in writing.


The writing staffs of most custom services are massive and very diverse. An average writing company maintains hundreds or even thousands of writers, each who specialize in a few areas. Some writers may be professionals at writing application and admissions essays, whereas others might specialize in term papers or even dissertations. For each assignment type, there are hundreds of writers with topical specialties, such as English experts and history buffs. To be successful, a writing service must have countless professionals with a wide array of tasks on hand, to meet the needs of virtually any consumer.


For a custom writing service to function, it must have a well organized website that consistently runs at top capacity. A good website must have fast load times, a strong, striking design, and must be secure against hacking or identity theft attacks. If a writing service utilizes an escrow payment method, this must be programmed by the site technicians as well. Even after the site has been built, technical support must be available at nearly all times, so they can respond to any web site failures or glitches.


In addition to maintaining a massive force of custom essay writers, most services also rely on a steady, sizable pool of proofreaders and copy editors as well. These employees at typically have expertise in English and grammar, as well as publishing experience, and are tasked with reviewing papers and checking them for errors. In most instances, proofreading services are less expensive than custom writing services, but they are nonetheless profitable and essential for the typical.