A List of Term Paper Topics in Economics

Economics is all around us. Face it, whatever we do requires money and then how we spend our money drives the economy. Micro and macroeconomics are quite complex fields, but luckily there are quite a few prestigious online magazines and sites that focus on economics.

When you are preparing to select your economics dissertation topic, explore these magazines and sites. Read the papers and articles by experts in the field and stay abreast of all the current economic topics and trends. You should know what businesses are succeeding and what marketing principals are driving their success. As you look through these sites and periodicals, you will find inspiration for your dissertation topics. Some ideas might be:

  • Online buying and selling and how this has changed our economic practices
  • Entrepreneurs and how they move their money
  • Trends in the market and what creates them
  • International banking and how war impacts it
  • How the president impacts the economy
  • Affording college and why tuition policies have to change
  • Should college athletes be paid
  • The Olympics and how Russia financed 2014
  • Bit coins, trend or true
  • Economic systems
  • Labor and econ
  • Scarcity
  • Nominal vs. Real
  • Trade and exchange
  • Supply and demand
  • Barriers to trade
  • Risk and return
  • Federal deficits
  • British banking
  • Murdock‚Äôs stocks and values
  • Patent litigation
  • Super wealthy taxes
  • The direction of the US stock market

While some of these topics are considered standards and might look boring, you can add components to them. If you chose to write about international trade, you would want to explore some part of it. You may then want to look at companies who have success in international trade and what policies and tools they use. Some of these topics are quite general and they would need for you to make them more specific. This need to narrow a topic allows you to personalize the topic. You should consider your interest as well as how you want to move in your career. And as always, remember you will need to argue your dissertation and a committee will read it.

Make sure to talk to experts in the field and explore your topic as much as possible. Do not hesitate to send emails to professionals to se if they will give you help or interviews. Make sure you meet all your guidelines and follow all the rules of writing an economics dissertation.