Topics for Ten Page Biology Research Paper

Writing a single page essay can be a daunting task, so any paper that requires ten pages of information has got to be an even heftier task for some to complete. The number one factor one must consider if they are going to have a paper with plenty of information, is utilizing an intriguing topic. This article will focus on topics one should consider when writing a 10 page biology paper for class.

Here are just a few things to consider before choosing a topic. The number one thing one should consider is is there enough information on the topic. If your topic is to unique you may have much difficulty in finding relevant research to back up your claims. If the topic is common there may be an abundance of information from which you can draw your main ideas, and even thesis from. You should always chose a topic that offers you balance between being interesting and having enough research relevant to the topic area.

Here are some biological topics that offer such a balance.

  1. If you have an interest in animals you can start there. A paper that focuses specifically on the relationship between a specific animal and dieses makes for an interesting read. You can delve even deeper into the topic by offering up a subtopic that deals with a specific type of disease and pose the question and answer to how a particular species spreads such a disease.
  2. Another topic area one can focus on is development. Topics range from symptoms related to aging, and specific developmental cycles for humans, or other species. To make the paper even better you can talk about a developmental defect and how it influences human activity.
  3. One could also focus their paper in immunology. You can pick a specific immune based disease and break down for the reader how such a disease can attack the immune system of a species.
  4. Another topic one can focus on is the diversity of life in general. The topic area can be based on the taxonomy of life and classification of species into groups and subgroups. A subtopic that can be introduced could concern itself with new life forms in a specific region, or place.

No matter which of these topics you choose to utilize, they offer a balance between much research, and being interesting enough so that the reader will be engaged and want to read your work.