10 Outstanding Sociology Research Paper Topics for College Students

Many students want to do research on a sociological topic, but a few of them know what topic to choose because sociology is a very broad field of study. Different surveys, observations, interviews, and other techniques are used in order to get data to analyze and obtain new interesting results. Sociology literature provides information on the current conditions of society, human interactions, and culture. Sociologists also study past conditions that caused numerous problems today; they specify cause-effect relationships and give recommendations on how to solve specific issues.

Sociology as a science has a large number of braches; students can conduct their research in sociology of natural resources, behavioral sociology, political sociology, etc. Therefore, it takes some time to come up with a research topic. Some sample ideas for outstanding sociology research papers for college students are listed below.

  1. Education:
  2. Today, education is a necessity; a society should be educated enough, otherwise it cannot develop in current conditions.

  3. Crime:
  4. Causes, effects, and nature of criminal activity in society are studied by sociology. Different aspects of this problem can become your own research topic.

  5. Family:
  6. Every individual contacts with his or her family, which is the first-known social organization. Family relationships, its structure, the effects of divorce on the family, and many other related topics are interesting to study.

  7. Marriage:
  8. Marriage is an institution that influences two persons living together; it forms a basis for beginning a family. One of the sample topics includes study on monogamy and polygamy.

  9. Culture:
  10. Culture is the key subject studied by sociology. You may conduct your research on diffusion of innovation in American culture.

  11. Way of life:
  12. Different societies promote different lifestyles. Some of them are traditional while others have developed recently.

  13. Traditions:
  14. Sociological research may be devoted to traditions and their importance in different societies. Many traditional societies have very interesting traditions and habits. You may also find out whether your local community has any outstanding traditions.

  15. Gender:
  16. Questions of gender equity are treated differently in different counties. Why is it important to increase the role of women in society? What are the main reasons of sexual discrimination in a certain country?

  17. Sociology:
  18. Some great research topics may be related to the origin and development of sociology as a science.

  19. Communication:
  20. Many issues faced by modern societies are caused by poor communication. You may devote your research to communicational barriers and potential ways to improve communication within certain social groups of people.