Research Paper On Computers: How To Find Up-To-Date Information

A computer science research paper is a research paper that is written about computer science or computer technology. When you write about these two fields it can be extremely difficult to find up-to-date and frequent information because computer technology moves so quickly and there are always new discoveries being made. However, the best way to find useable research data for a computer themed topic is to use up to day computer science or info tech journal reports. You can also look at media resources that are related to this field and see if their is anything new or exciting to include in your paper that comes up there. If you want to make for certain that your research paper is up to date, check the resources date of publication before you include it as evidence in your composition. Anything that is two years or older may be outdated. If the publication date turns out to be earlier on, then you are going to have to do a little bit of extra research and make sure that the example is still relevant. The best rule of thumb to use when writing about any modern technology or innovation is to make sure that you can find two examples that support it as the most recent findings in the field. If you always make sure that you can back your data up with two sources that are up to date, then you can rest assured that you are using the most recent information.

Your Up-To-Date Information Cheat Sheet

- Can you confirm when the information was published?

- Can you find a second resource backing it as the most recent information on the topic?

- Is the source citable as a reliable resource?

- Did your information come from a verified source?

- Has anyone made any new discoveries in that field?

- Is the data less then 2 years old?

- Is your information coming from a recent text or publication?

- Even if the information is older, is it still confirmed to be true?

- What innovations have been made in that area in the last 4 months?

- Will new information on this be released soon (within a year)