How To Write A Research Paper Introduction About Bullying In Different Countries

This is a big topic to take on, so if you’ve been set this assignment you could be feeling a little overwhelmed and unsure as to where to begin. Well, the good news is that when it comes to writing the introduction, it’s actually best to write it last.

Once you have written your paper about bullying, you will have a clear idea as to what conclusions you came to, if your objectives were met, and so on- and this is the type of information that should be included in your introduction.

What do I include?

An introduction to any essay should be concise and succinct. You should introduce the broad topic of bullying in other countries and then narrow it down to the specific area you have chosen to focus on. Mention which countries you have selected to study and compare, and why. For instance, you may have chosen a Muslim dominated country such as Saudi Arabia as one example and the Netherlands as another. Briefly explain why you’ve chosen them and how they relate or differ, in relation to your investigation.

You should then provide an overview of the forthcoming pages and what the reader can expect to find. This type of assignment obviously relies on research as the driving force of the essay, so be sure to focus on this aspect in your opening. Mention what sources you have looked at- perhaps you’ve made a case study of three schools in three different countries, for example.

State your own objectives and aims and what outcomes you hope to achieve; and whether these conclusions may be expected to be arrived at.

You are basically containing the bare essentials of what the reader will find in your essay, so be sure to not overdo it. You have your whole essay to explain things in more detail. Remember that the opening is just an overview and stick to each point succinctly.

How do I make it really stand out?

Now that you have the basics in place, if you want to create a really good introduction, you can hone your style. Detail and relevant information is obviously key to this type of essay’s opening, but if you can develop a nicely structured and flowing style, you will certainly engage your reader more. Sure, you need to stick within academic expectations, but you can still pack a punch with your writing style, so remember that your opening should be like that of any good novel: entice the reader in from the very beginning!