Finding Fresh Ideas for Argumentative Research Paper Topics

An argumentative research paper

Creating a well written argumentative research paper can be a pretty daunting task for most, the main reason things begin to get complicated is because a lot of people have no idea where to even begin. By that meaning, what topic to even choose? Of course it needs to be something fresh and creative, it cannot be the same thing over and over again. Writing the same thing and redoing it can only be done so many time. Now it is time for a lot of new concepts to be considered. Even though there are some teachers who prefer essays that are persuasive, an argumentative essay remains as the main type of essay written today for school. A persuasive paper and an argumentative paper can be similar, but in specific terms an argumentative essay will go further into details than the persuasive paper will.

To write an argumentative research paper:

Make sure you have enough evidence to start with and begin by presenting a well-reasoned position on the argument at hand, which needs to be something that is very easily debatable. You can tell if the topic you want to write about is debatable by seeing how many people could argue against what you were going to say, as well as if your topic can simply be answered with a yes or a no. You can also see if your topic can be based on solely scholarly evidence or not. And you also need to be sure to make your topic for your argumentative research paper rather specific, the more thought out you have everything than the easier it will be for you to write the paper.

Fresh topics to consider for an argumentative research paper:

  • About Facebook – how students should not add their teachers on Facebook as a friend, because this is found to be rather inappropriate or not.
  • About Plastic Surgery – whether actors and actresses should be allowed to have plastic surgeries or not. They need to think about if they are meant to be a hero to children, so they should not reinforce things such as not being as they are is just not pretty enough.
  • About Chinese – should Chinese be deemed as a new language to speak in for international communication, China already has a lot conquered and is involved heavily in America, is it worth the risk or not.
  • About Junk Food - mention how it is healthier to skip meals versus eating junk food, smaller meals are better than three large meals.