Religion Research Papers-Always Be Careful

Have you ever heard the expression that there are three things that you don't talk about race, religion and politics; well unfortunately in the real world people can't help but talk about these things AND they also write about them frequently too. Even so, when you sit down to write a religion based research paper our recommendation is that you tread lightly and here is why; many instructors have a hard time grading without personal bias. It is actually very common for instructors to come across papers that are written by students that they find inappropriate or difficult to read because of their own beliefs and value systems. Yes, although students are encouraged to push the envelope when they come up with unique paper topic concepts religion, sexual orientation, and racial stereotypes still make people a bit uneasy, and for teaches these papers can be hard to grade.

The other reason why it may not be the best idea to write religion research papers is because a lot of the concepts and theories that you may come across are immensely hard to prove. Unlike with something that is scientific or mathematical, religion changes depending on the interpretation of the individual and the viewpoint of the writer, making the resources a bit washy washy as far as being verifiable is concerned. Due to the fact that the #1 reason why students are assigned research papers to begin with is to learn how to research actual evidence and facts, religion really isn't a great area to practice this skill.

The only exception would be if you were taking a religion studies class or were attending a bible college or university. These academic institutions typically few religious subject matter a little differently and feel as if their religious resources are undeniable facts. This is the only occasion where it is okay to cite resources in a research paper that have not been proven scientifically but are commonly believed amongst practitioners of a certain religion. Students who are writing research papers in these schools are usually accustomed to the unique writing philosophies of religious curriculums. They tackle religious material research a little bit differently then others because they use biblical references at their top resource.